October 27, 2018 – Coos Bay, Oregon
Southwestern Oregon Community College
Brought to you by Oregon Sea Grant

Welcome to the State of the Coast!

State of the Coast is a chance to have fun and learn while listening to informative talks on current marine science and policy issues, participate in hands-on activities, and network with research, industry, and community leaders. This is Oregon’s coastal conference for everyone!

  • Fog shrouds the conifers
    Trail stretches down to the sand.
    Nature is at peace

    – Christina Geierman
  • Glowing sea pickles….
    Fascinating pyrosomes!
    Recipes to come.

    – Deb Schallert
  • Coast trip seeking rest.
    Beach walk, chowder, decompress.
    Monday at my best.

    – Derek Godwin
  • Andale! Arriba!
    Jellyfish are cool

    – Aliza Karim
  • It is really hot
    Let’s go to the coast today
    Ackk – it’s really cold

    – Cat Newsheller
  • Sand in her diaper
    Giggles at the sand piper
    First time at the beach

    – Mary Pleasant
  • Peduncle magic
    Standing tall in majesty
    Carpe barnacle

    – Alexa Romersa
  • Faded red logo
    Crusted salt and seagull splat
    Beer can home for crabs

    – Nathan Waugh

Haikus written by attendees at the 2017 State of the Coast conference. All of the haikus can be found in the 2017 Haiku Booklet