aboutState of the Coast is the coastal conference where everybody from scientists to industries to average citizens can network with, get updates on, and engage in current and future issues and opportunities facing Oregon’s marine environment.

Built on a rich history, State of the Coast continues to grow and change annually. Each year it will be held in one of Oregon’s lovely coastal communities, providing participants the opportunity to learn, share, and keep abreast of what’s going on in Oregon’s marine environment. Our goal is to provide relevant and timely content delivered through a variety of effective and fun learning and networking opportunities.

The conference is planned by Oregon Sea Grant with the guidance from a Planning Committee of diverse partners.

Sea Grant Working Group
Flaxen Conway, co-chair
Jamie Doyle, co-chair
Megan Kleibacker
Mary Pleasant
Haley Epperly

2016 Planning Committee

Laura Anderson, Local Ocean Seafood
Caren Braby, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Larissa Clark, OSU MRM student
Sabra Comet, PSU student
Brett Dumbauld, US Dept. of Agriculture
Nancy Fitzpatrick, Oregon Albacore and Salmon Commissions
David Gomberg, Oregon State Representative District 10, Coastal Caucus
Cait Goodwin, Oregon Coast STEM Hub
Elise Granick, Portland State University
Scott Heppell, Oregon State Univeristy
Laurel Hillman, Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept.
Jan Hodder, University of Oregon/Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Bob Kemp, Fisherman
Graham Klag, Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council
Renee O’Neill, SMILE
Charlie Plybon, Surfrider Foundation
Fran Recht, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Charles Robinson, Oregon State University/Arts Engagement
Terry Thompson, Fisherman & Lincoln County Commissioner